Compare Internet Service Providers

There’s an Internet provider out there that’s perfect for you – all you have to do is let us help you find it. As far as Internet services go, the main options are:

  • Fiber-optic Internet service
  • Cable Internet service
  • DSL Internet service
  • Satellite Internet service
  • Dial-up Internet service

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Comparing the best Internet service providers


Without a doubt fast download speeds is one of the things you look for in an Internet provider. So whose got the fastest speeds?

On the top tier, there’s fiber-optic Internet. It’s hands down the fastest Internet connection out there, even if it’s got a small coverage area.

On the middle tier, we’ve got cable and DSL. Both can’t compete with the super-fast fiber speeds, but they offer fast speeds great for all those online tasks you do on a daily basis – downloading shows, video clips, sharing music, uploading pictures, checking social networks, online shopping and more.

On the lowest tier, there’s satellite and dial-up. Satellite Internet service providers have made big strides recently to make their Internet service much faster, but it can’t always provide the speeds to play online games or download large files. Dial-up uses older technology than other providers, so it can’t compete with the speeds of other online connections.

Internet and phone service

Versatility with your Internet service can actually extend outside of your Internet connection. What does that mean? It means you can bundle Internet and phone service together for the ultimate convenience. You can order both on the same phone call for an affordable price – you get two great home services without having to do any extra leg work. Our Internet experts have it all covered for you.

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